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Love is F&B



Tittle: Love is F&B

Author: dkcappucino

Casts: EXO-K members and OCs

Genre: Fluff (aww!)

Length: 795 words (totally)

Disclaimer: the story is officially mine. Mr . Google help me for the pic hihi~

A/N: ini sebenernya udah lamaaaa banget mengendap di folder dan baru sempet di publish sekarang (dih, sok sibuk!). Oh ya ini awalnya mau dijadiin kumpulan drabble tapi sedikit kepanjangan dan jadilah whatever-ini-disebut-apa hehe.. Dan,tolong dimaafkan soal EYD, tanda baca, dan segala hal tentang mereka ^^v

Enjoy it!


Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” —Alan D. Wolfelt

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The Day

dian projek Tittle: The day Author: dkcappucino Casts: Tao (EXO) | Emily (OC) | Find by yourself! Genre: Fluff Length: Vignette (2856 words) Disclaimer: The story is officially mine. The casts belong to themselves and me, of course (especially EXO members). And thanks to Hesti for the nice illustrations! You can visit her tumblr here.

Tao lupa tentang hari ini-


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Why So Serious?


Title : Why So Serious?

Main Cast : Kim Minseok / Xiumin EXO

Kim Aerin (OC)

Support Cast : Kim Jongdae / Chen EXO-M

Yong Junghyung Beast

Goo Hara Kara

Genre : Romance, Comedy (not sure, haha)

Rating : PG-13

Disclaimer : this story is belong to me and my mind haha..


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